War Time Memories by Betty Walker, ghostwritten by Jocelyn Carpreau Life Story Writer from Elephant Memoirs
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Capture your story in a memoir to pass down to future generations

I'll write your life story through face-to-face interviews and professional ghostwriting
in and around Greater Manchester or over video chat

I’m Joss, Elephant Memoirs Life Story Writer

Unlike an elephant, I have a bad memory. So I keep my own stories on my computer, the internet, and my camera.

But technology can change. Photos, emails, and documents may one day be lost or out of reach.

A book lasts forever though. A book is for life.

That’s why I write your life story in a memoir, to be remembered for good.

Joss Carpreau, memoir writer, ghostwriter, life story writer, biography author

Writing your memoir could be the most important thing you ever do

I was too late to write my parents’ stories.

So now I write older people’s life stories. Over a series of face-to-face interviews, I capture your story for friends, family, and future generations to learn from: a celebration of your life and achievements and a historical record of a unique life.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to have a memoir. We all have interesting stories to tell.

Preserve your experiences for future generations

Grandchildren will ask for the books after they've read a few pages, amazed by some of your stories. Children will say they've discovered things they never knew about.

Don't get held back by writers block

Storytelling has been a human tradition for centuries yet writers are commonly stopped in their tracks by writer's block. Fortunately, you don't need to write a word.

Create a family heirloom

You'll suddenly feel proud of yourself. Somehow, you've managed to write a book. You're an author. And you have a story to tell that sounds amazing.

Tell your story every single week

Look forward to the weekly company of someone who's actually listening to what you've got to say. Relax on your sofa while reminiscing about stories of the past.

Unburden yourself from painful memories by committing them to paper

Memories of the past can haunt us for years. Writing them down allows us to accept what's happened has happened, and to become stronger for it.

Be remembered long after you're gone

When we cease to exist, we will leave behind our loved ones. A memoir can provide consolation, and help keep the memories alive.

"[In the war], you got to know some of the air crew and you’d sit up at night waiting for them to get back. Every night. It was all such a waste of life.

Now I’m losing my memories of people’s names. But [writing my memoir] has brought back memories. I can remember everything about it. It’s brought the past alive again. It’s just like life was.

I find it strange that people are so interested in reading my book. I’m just a very ordinary person."
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Betty Walker
Author of 'Wartime Memories'

How life writing works

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1. Creating the timeline

For your free first session, we’ll map out your life story and create a personal timeline of your life.

joss carpreau interviewing a client for their life story memoir

2. Face to face interviews

I’ll come to your home (or interview you over video chat) and record our conversations about your life.

Elephant Memoirs author Joss Carpreau writing a memoir for a client

3. Writing

I rewrite your words so they flow, make sense, yet still sound like you.

Elephant Memoirs book 'Wartime Memories' with author Betty Walker being delivered by Joss Carpreau

4. Printing and delivery

Your memoir is printed in a set of beautiful hardback books. I’ll personally deliver them to you.

Ready to start your memoir with a free introductory interview?

Sharing your story with a stranger, and the world, is a big decision to make. That’s why I offer the first interview for free, so that we can get to know each other before you commit.

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Lock down these days with a family memoir

Let’s be optimistic. The kids go back to school, and stay there. The pubs remain open. The economy bounces back. Nobody dies. Things are back to normal. One day it will be. History shows us that nothing bad, or good, lasts forever. There is always change.

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